“When I look at photos, I love to see my chubby cheeks and face fat!“ said no one ever. Embracing the looks you were born with is a wonderful sentiment, but I can definitely relate to the sadness of looking in the mirror and realizing that the facial definition along my jawbone and cheeks that I once was blessed with was gone. Having a chubby face and feeling like your face fat is like a neon light to the world can be horrifying. I hear ya. I’ve been there and understand how confidence shrinks as you try your best to avoid cameras, mirrors, and even social opportunities.

I was desperate to find solutions to my problem but the bits and pieces of information I heard were very confusing. Was it what I was consuming in my mouth? What foods were really good to eat? Which foods were bad? Was the way I had been eating the enemy that was sabotaging my face? As I began searching on my own, the truth began to shine through the confusion and I was able to start heading down the right path.

After thorough research to weed through all of the confusing information, I was able to successfully find the causes of my chubby cheeks and face fat, lose body fat, and then reduce the puffiness my face that finally resulted in renewing the definition that had been lost in my cheeks, jawbone, and overall facial looks. I was ecstatic! Since everyone has an intricately unique body, I can’t guarantee that you will find the exact success that I did, but I can tell you that learning the cause of your puffy face and then consistently applying helpful hacks can be very beneficial and may just lead you in the right direction. Most importantly, feeling better about yourself can put the pep back in your step and restore the confidence that you need to live life to the fullest.

I’m happy to share what I found to be seven easy and effective hacks to lose face fat and chubby cheeks without surgery. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First, we must find the culprits that are causing the experience of chubby cheeks to begin with.

What Causes Chubby Cheeks & Face Fat?

Excess Weight & Overall Body Fat

Have you ever noticed that when someone gains a few pounds, it’s almost immediately noticeable within their facial structure? Likewise, when a friend sheds a few pounds, you can detect a slimmer, more defined face before you notice it elsewhere. It is impossible to spot reduce face fat, but when excess weight and fat are reduced overall from the body, results will be clear: Cheekbones and other facial structure cannot show through until the excess fat sitting on top of the cheek muscles is eliminated. Can you reduce fat from a specific part of your body? The answer is No. There is no such thing as “Spot Fat-Reduction.”

While some fats can be good for you, determining which fats are good and which are evil can be tough to decipher. New light has been shed on the trends and what we were told was “bad.” When discussing Good Fat vs. Bad Fat, Dr. Oz admits that he had it all wrong for years about saturated fats. Watch the show to see if you know the answer to which fats are good and which fats are bad.

Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol robs hydration and electrolytes that the entire body needs, especially the delicate, facial skin. When you drink liquids, the body holds them captive in storage and this causes your tissues to swell. Alcohol also sucks essential vitamins and nutrients right out of your skin. Basically, drinking alcohol wreaks havoc on the fragile skin of the face and puffiness is a common problem. It matters not what type of alcohol you drink whether it’s beer, wine, or hard liquor, it all will cause you to wake with a puffy face.

According to research, binge drinking brings another level of health issues with abnormally round face, bloating, and fullness at the top of the list. The consensus among the experts is that it just is not worth it to drink alcohol if you want the best skin possible. Drinking excessively is absolutely out of the question for that optimal facial glow.

Too Much Salt

bowl-of-saltExcess amounts of sodium can take quite a toll on the skin because it causes water retention and swelling all over. Obvious side effects of too much salt can be a very puffy and bloated face, among other health issues. The American Heart Association and Dr. Oz tout that excessive salt can affect your appearance in a big way by making your face look puffy, give you bags under the eyes and bloat your entire body to the point that you can’t fit in your clothes. Dr. Oz warns about six sneaky, high sodium foods that could be culprits of raising your sodium levels without your knowledge.

Not Enough Water

Remember the excess body fat, alcohol, and salt that we already talked about not being good for your body? When the body is full of excess fat, salt, sugar, or alcohol without adequate hydration to flush those things from the body properly, facial puffiness can result. When the body is not able to flush the toxins from the body, many problems like bloating could occur.

Not drinking at least six glasses of water a day and consuming fruits and vegetables that contain water ( like greens, watermelon, and cucumber) can be detrimental to your health and cause a bloated face. According to Prevention magazine and Stavros A. Kavouras, PhD., our bodies are depending on us to give it the water that it needs and most of us just aren’t giving it enough.

Not enough Sleep

When your body is suffering from fatigue, it can cause bloating. At the least, our muscles can sag which makes the face look larger than it really is. Getting less than seven to eight hours of rest every single night could cause puffiness and sagging. I don’t know about you, but no one I know wants to find puffiness and sagging when we look in the mirror.

Too Much Sleep

Have you ever “slept in” for several hours and noticed a puffy face when you look in the mirror. Believe it or not, but getting too much sleep can cause fluid retention. When laying horizontal for too many hours, fluids build up in the body and this can be very noticeable with the result of chubby cheeks and face fat.


Even though people are told that they may have genetics passed down from family members that may be causing specific facial features that are unwelcome to them, there may still be hope of not giving up. While it’s true that we can’t fight genetics, Dr. Oz says that our genes can be “prodded,” or “switched on or off” by toxins, stress, behavior, and diet.

Let’s face it, we may or may not play a big part in how chubby the face looks when we look in the mirror. Go through the previous list above and see how many problems you may have control over. Depending on which ones you choose, see which of these solutions below might apply to you. These hacks are easy to implement but you may want to start with one at a time.

7 Hacks to Lose Face Fat & Chubby Cheeks

1. Essential Fats

If you’ve determined that being overweight and/or consuming too much bad fat overall is an issue you have, what can you do about it? According to Alyson Brown, a nutritional therapy practitioner from San Francisco and the founder of Wooden Spoon Nutrition says that we don’t need to ignore good fats. In fact, she says that avocados, butter from grass-fed cows, and omega-3s burn longer as fuel than carbs and can help with weight loss. These are essentials that our body craves, but we must pick these over bad fats. Take a good fats grocery list shopping with you to ensure that you don’t overlook these healthy additions to your daily diet.

2. Drink that water

Not sure how to determine if you are drinking enough water or not? WedMd shares that water consumption should no longer be a “one-size-fits-all” subject. Because everyone is a different size, shape, activity level, and body composition, you should drink between an ounce for every pound you weigh.

If you weigh 200 pounds, you should try to consume 175 to 200 ounces of water a day. How in the world will you keep up with drinking that much water each and every day of your life without being overwhelmed? I’ve found that if I fill up a container (like a milk jug) with the ounces that I need to consume, and then drink all my water container all day, I just need to empty it by bedtime. Easy!

3. Add Specific Foods

veggies-and-fruits-on-tableIf you don’t have a great track record for eating healthy, don’t fret and think that all the tasty food you hold dear will be taken from you. Instead, think about adding a substantial amount of new foods to your daily diet like fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins that will not only fill you up (so that you don’t grab the potato chips), fuel your body so that you feel better, but also add a fresh glow and slimness that your face has been missing.

Remember, if you’ve been ingesting too much sodium, potassium-rich foods can help reduce the water retention and chubbiness in your face. Besides bananas, do you know what potassium-rich foods are? Avocados, white mushrooms, white beans, baked potatoes, dark leafy greens, yogurt, fish, milk, orange juice, and sweet potatoes to name a few. See, those foods aren’t too scary, are they?

4. Say “No” to Salt, Sugar, Packaged Food, and Alcohol

If you’ve been addicted to salt, sugar, packaged food, and/or alcohol, the first few days may be a little tough, but you can certainly overcome your addictions. I suggest that the first week you are diligent in cutting your consumption of these items in half. For instance, if you’ve been drinking four sodas a day, only allow yourself two. If you’ve been eating one pack of packaged goodies a day, only have one.

At the same time that you are cutting your “junk food” consumption levels in half, be sure to add the healthy foods mentioned in #3. When you add fresh fruit to your breakfast and one snack a day, then add fresh vegetables to your lunch and dinner every day, along with lean proteins and good fats, you may be too full to be thinking about your “junk food.”

The second week you are trying to cut out the salt, sugar, and “junk,” reduce your consumption levels in half again while adding the healthy foods. By week three, as you try to survive without the sugary, salty, and carb-laden goodies, you’ll be amazed that you aren’t craving them.

5. Track your Food for Fun

One way to truly learn what your food is made of that you are consuming is to start using the app, My Fitness Pal. This app isn’t as daunting like it sounds, but it turns out that it can be a fun game against yourself that can be rather addicting.

After signing into this free app with your personal body information, quickly make a log of what you eat at each meal. Your most frequent choices are saved as the app tries to predict what you will choose to make it faster for you. It will calculate how many calories you need to consume in a day. You’ll have fun figuring out how much you can eat without going over, and you’ll enjoy the nights that you can have a treat because you’ve earned it by not going over your limit.

6. Fat Burners

girl-with-dumbellI know we keep talking about getting rid of the excess fat in our bodies, but it is so important to do if being you’ve discovered that obesity is an issue for you. We’ve talked about cutting out consumption of bad fats, eating good fat, and flushing the bad fat, so let’s talk about burning that fat.

When you begin burning more fat than you are consuming, it’s known as a deficit. You don’t have to be a math whiz to figure out that you will begin to lose weight if a deficit between what you are burning versus what you are eating continues. This must stay in a good balance of course, and getting your body moving will give you more deficit, resulting in healthy weight loss.

Start small with the exercise but try to mix in a little cardio and a little lightweight training. According to Jillian Michael’s site, who calls herself the world’s toughest trainer, suggest also adding in some facial exercises. Try Jillian’s fat face exercise routine for daily tightening and strengthening of a chubby face.

7. Makeup & Hairstyle

As a stylist of twenty-seven years, I know there are do’s and don’ts to make your chubby cheeks and face fat look less noticeable. If you are working on a few places of improvement with hacks 1-6, heading to the salon for a flattering look to diminish your chubby face could be just the boost you need to keep going. I suggest these chubby cheek hairstyles and chubby face makeup techniques.

There’s nothing greater than the confidence that you will feel as you move away from feeling as if you have face fat and chubby cheeks. I know I feel more confident in photos, in the mirror, and most importantly with just living my life to the fullest. Don’t give up.