Getting defined abs of steel is a goal many people have. With fantastic abs, you can wear your swimsuit with confidence, your clothes will fit better and you’ll feel strong and amazing. How do you get there? With the many quality ab machines available on the market, sculpting your midsection to create those abs you’ve always hoped for has never been easier.

Not sure what ab machine to purchase?

This helpful article will guide you through the best ab machines you can purchase for use in your home. Learn all of the details on how they work, what features to look for, pricing, and how to choose the best ab machine for your needs. With this information, it’s easy to compare what’s available and choose the ab machine that will best help you achieve your goals. 

Types of Ab Machines

AB Roller For Working OutThere are several different kinds of ab machines available for purchase. Each one allows you to do different types of exercises. What types are there and how do they work? Here are the main styles you’ll find:


Just how it sounds, these machines are essentially a small wheel or roller with handles on either side. You’ll use the roller to do exercises similar to pushups, using the roller to engage your core. These machines are available in a variety of thicknesses and styles. Use the roller on your knees and work towards that washboard stomach!


Do targeted plank exercises with these machines designed to give you an unstable platform on which to place your elbows or hands. As an alternative for the same purpose, you can also use a Bosu ball, which is a halved exercise ball attached to a rigid platform.  


These products allow you to easily slide your feet all around to perform a range of exercises that will strengthen your core. Use them on just about any type of floor for great results.

Crunch and Sit Up Machines

Looking for some support while doing your crunches and sit ups? These machines provide a metal framework that supports your neck and back while doing this exercise. It can help motivate you to make it through your daily exercises and ensure that you perform the exercise correctly.


Workout and weight lifting benches also come with supports that can help you perform sit ups and crunches. In addition, you can use them to perform more challenging versions of plank exercises.

Most of these abdominal exercise equipment options allow you to target different areas of your muscles. This means you’ll get a complete ab workout that will transform the look of your stomach.

The Best Ab Machine Products

Ready to shop? Here are our top recommended ab machines that you can easily find online. In each review, you’ll find the highlights and benefits of each machine. By looking through this guide, you’ll find it easy to compare some of the most popular, effective and high-quality ab machines on the market.

1. Synergee Sliders by Synergee

Synergee Sliders by SynergeeThese core sliders are an easy, affordable and effective abdominal machine option. You can use them to perform a range of different exercises including planks, mountain climbers, and pikes, among others. These exercises engage the core naturally but increase your effort by adding a balance element. These ab machines for home are compact and can easily be transported when you travel. This way, you can workout, even on the road!


  • Offers instructions for several exercises
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Great reviews and ratings
  • Works on both hard and carpeted floors

Who Makes It?

Synergee manufactures and sells a range of home gym equipment. Specializing in strength and conditioning and gymnastics equipment, Synergee is known for their resistance bands, bosus and ankle and wrist weights in addition to their sliders.

The Bottom Line

Not only are Synergee’s sliders cheap and compact, but they’re also effective. As such, you can buy with confidence knowing that thousands of customers are happy with this popular product.

You can combine this simple product with other ab workout machines or simply use them to supplement a cardio workout. On their own, the sliders are actually quite versatile and allow you to perform a range of exercises that, in addition to working your abs, will target other muscle groups as well. At the low price of about $11 per set, you can’t go wrong with Synergee’s sliders.

2. Ab Machine Exercise Equipment by Fitnessery

Ab Machine Exercise Equipment by FitnesseryThis excellent piece of ab workout equipment is the perfect choice for at-home workouts. Using the free ebook included with the product, you’ll discover a wide range of exercises that can be performed with this roller wheel. This particular wheel makes it easy to target all areas of your abs, including the obliques. Made by Fintessery, it’s a quality, sturdy product you can count on to withstand heavy use.


  • Includes wheel and knee pad for working out
  • Features 2 ebooks on nutrition and ab machine workouts
  • Simple, easy to use ab machine
  • Withstands up to 485 lbs.

Who Makes It?

Fitnessery is a fitness and exercise equipment company that offers everything from knee sleeves to ankle weights, resistance bands and more. They achieve excellent ratings thanks to their high quality, effective products. You can also find their products at Walmart.

The Bottom Line

This ab machine is a great choice for use at home. Customers report that the ab machine is high quality, effective, and easy to use. It’s hard to pass up this deal. For those who favor the roller type machine, this is a great choice.

3. Ab Carver Pro Roller by Perfect Fitness

Ab Carver Pro Roller by Perfect FitnessThe Ab Carver Pro is a popular choice in ab machines. Great quality at a reasonable price makes this one of the most coveted pieces of home gym equipment for working the abs.  The Ab Carver is an excellent choice that even includes a bonus knee pad to make workouts more comfortable. The 21 day workout plan is also helpful as you adjust to using this new piece of equipment.


  • Comes with free 21 workout guide
  • Comes with foam knee pad
  • Allows for easy rolling left and right to target oblique muscles
  • Ultra-wide wheel

Who Makes It?

Perfect Fitness is a fitness and exercise equipment brand offering products you can find at stores like Walmart. They have excellent ratings, suggesting that their products are high quality and effective.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a roller type ab machine that makes it easy to target all core muscles, this is the machine for you. The wide wheel makes it easier to roll out to the left and right, targeting your obliques. In addition, it comes with instructions and a knee pad that will make getting started with this abdominal machine all the easier. The spectacular ratings and reviews make this item easy to purchase with confidence.

4. Core Gamer Trainer Personal by Stealth

Core Gamer Trainer Personal by StealthDo you get bored while working out on traditional ab machines? If you’re looking for an engaging ab workout machine that will keep your brain distracted while exercising, the Core Gamer Trainer is what you need. You’ll use an app on your phone which connects with the board to workout. Then, you’ll have to move and manipulate the board to play the game, all the while working all of the muscles in the abdominal and core group. The base position is the plank, but you can perform variations including mountain climbers that will challenge you as you advance in your fitness level and work towards that six pack.


  • Withstands users of up to 250 lbs
  • Includes 2 mobile games to make working out fun

Who Makes It?

The company, Stealth Fitness, currently only makes one product: the Stealth core trainer. It’s the world’s first interactive core trainer that uses Gameplay Technology. The product’s been featured by an impressive number of media outlets, such as the Today show, Women’s Health magazine, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, GQ, and more, highlighting its ingenuity and popularity.

The Bottom Line

If you have a larger home gym budget and you’d like to boost your motivation while working out on your core, the Stealth Core Gamer Trainer is a great investment to make. You’ll never get bored when using this ab machine that makes working out fun and entertaining. Based on its great ratings and innovative technology, you can purchase this product with confidence.

5. Unisex Adult Ab Trainer by CAP Barbell

Unisex Adult Ab Trainer by CAP BarbellWhat’s the best sit up machine available online? The Unisex Adult Ab Trainer is one of the most popular choices in ab crunch machine products. Featuring great ratings, this ab crunch machine gives you the support you need when doing this popular abdominal exercise.


  • Cushioned headrest
  • Eliminate straining of the back and neck when doing crunches and sit ups

Who Makes It?

CAP Barbell is known for their home and professional gym equipment and supplies. In addition to their own brands, CAP also distributes for distinguished brands like Reebok and Adidas. The impressive company has several distribution centers across the USA and has achieved an excellent reputation.

The Bottom Line

If your heart’s set on crunches and sit ups as your preferred abdominal workout exercises, this piece of equipment will be a godsend. Having the extra support of an ab crunch machine is a wonderful way to protect your back and neck while still strengthening your core. The low cost and solid ratings for this ab machine make it an easy choice for those who prefer sit ups and crunches.

Your Abdominal Muscles

Man and Woman Showing Their Abdominal MuscleChoosing the best ab machines for your workout requires an understanding of your abdominal muscles. Did you know that there’s more to your muscles than the ones that with hard work can appear in six sections below your skin? Here’s the skinny on your abdominal muscles and how they work together to support your midsection.

In your body, there are actually four different muscle groups that make up your abs:

  • External Obliques: These are the outer layer of the abs on your sides and run downward diagonally.
  • Internal Obliques: These muscles are located underneath the external obliques.
  • Rectus Abdominis: These are the muscles you think of when you think of your abs. They include two sheets of muscle running from the ribs to the pelvis. When you lean forward or sit-up these are the muscles that bear the brunt of the action, engaging to pull you up.
  • Transversus Abdominis: This deep ab muscle wraps around your waist and connects to support the spine.

All of these muscles work together to support your body when carrying heavy items, or even sitting up and walking (as long as you don’t slouch!). (1)

You can target all of these muscles by performing a range of exercises that engage these muscle groups. In particular, ab machines based on the plank exercise may be best. This is because all abdominal muscle groups including the transversus abdominis are targeted when performing the plank. Some of the ab machines that use this position include rollers, sliders, benches and, of course, machines like Stealth’s core trainer. Crunches and sit-ups mainly target just the rectus abdominis, although you may be able to target your obliques if you include some rotation. Harvard Medical School confirms that plank oriented exercises are better for your core than sit ups or crunches. Although, if you already have a strong core and are looking to target your rectus abdominis, crunches and sit ups are the way to go.

Conditions that May Affect Abdominal Muscles

Struggling with a weak core? Women who are pregnant or who have been pregnant sometimes experience a condition known as diastasis recti. This condition occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles separate in the middle due to stretching during pregnancy. As a result, you may find that your lower back hurts since you’re not getting the support you need from your abdominal muscles. The scar tissue from a c-section can make this condition even worse.

Diastasis recti can be diagnosed by a medical professional or physical therapist. A physical therapist can help you find the right exercises to decrease the separation between your muscles. Slowly, over time, you can eliminate the separation and enjoy improved function. In some cases, your medical provider may suggest surgery to repair the damage (2). Keep in mind that diastasis recti can contribute to the “mom pouch” so many women experience after childbirth. With the right exercises and support, you can repair your abdominal muscles and slim that waist down. If you think you may have this condition, speak to your healthcare provider before beginning any exercises. This will help you avoid any injuries and make sure that you choose an ab machine appropriate for your needs. Your physical therapist or physician may also recommend a postpartum belly wrap to support you as you begin to work out again.

Features to Look for in an Ab Workout Machine

When buying an ab machine, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. What are the features you should look for when choosing a piece of abdominal exercise equipment? With this checklist, you can make sure you don’t miss any key points:

  • Quality Materials

Look for ab machines that are made with high-quality materials. You don’t want to purchase an ab machine and have it fall apart just a few times after using it. So, opt for machines that include materials like stainless steel and heavy-duty rubber or plastic.

  • Trusted Company

There is plenty of competition out there, so don’t get duped by poorly run companies trying to make a quick buck. You’ll notice many companies offer warranties and guarantees. Beware of companies that don’t offer any guarantee, as they may know ahead of time that their so-called equipment is really junk. With no warranty to back you up, you’ll have no way to get your money back if the equipment doesn’t work properly.

  • “How-to” Guides

Many high-quality, popular ab machines come with exercise, workout, and “how-to” guides. Opt for one of these so that you’ll have direction on how to use your abdominal machine. This will ensure that you can jump in right away and won’t be intimidated by the equipment, making you less likely to use it.

  • Positive Reviews and Ratings

Because there’s plenty of competition on the market, you have plenty of choice as a consumer. Choose the best ab machine! Take a look at the reviews and ratings before making your purchase so that you can make sure that customers have good things to say about the ab machine you’d like to buy.

Follow this checklist before making your purchase and you’re sure to be pleased with the ab machine you buy.

Tips for Achieving Killer Abs

Woman Shows Her Killer AbsSo, you purchase your ab machine, that’s all you have to do to get your killer abs right? Not! Getting rock-hard washboard abs isn’t impossible, but it does require some determination and some extra steps.

To achieve killer abs you need to:

  • Be Consistent

Some of the above ab machines advertise that you can get your workout done in as little as 3 minutes per day! It may not seem like much, but if you commit to doing it on a daily basis, it can make a difference. You’ll have to commit to using your ab machine daily and complete a recommended regimen of exercises. Slowly, over time, you’ll be able to build your strength and add a few minutes at a time to your workout, helping you reach your goal of sculpted abs.

  • Eat Right

Your diet plays an important role in your appearance. If you’re looking to eliminate lower belly fat and love handles, you’ll want to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole gr, ins and lean proteins. This will help you slim down so that your abs can start to peek through. In addition, eat enough fiber and drink plenty of water to eliminate bloating that can keep your belly from appearing flat (3). If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may try something like the boiled egg diet or a quality appetite suppressant to help you make progress.

  • Other Exercise

Slimming down and getting great abs depends on your ability to lose weight in general. So, you’ll have to commit yourself to doing workouts to help shed a few pounds since using ab machines alone may not burn too many calories. Do some cardio or other strength training exercises on a regular basis as well.

The Bottom Line on Choosing An Ab Machine

Choosing a quality ab machine to use in your home can make all the difference in your ability to sculpt your abs so that you’re proud to show them off when it’s time to put on a swimsuit. In particular, ab machines based on the plank exercise including rollers and boards are a good choice because they give all of your abdominal muscles a workout. Any of the above ab machines will take your stomach from flab to fab in no time! Consistency, a good diet and regular exercise are the keys.

Do you love your home ab machine? Tell us about your favorite product and how it’s worked for you in the comments below.