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About us

Hey there, fellow explorers! Welcome to Livin3, where we’re all about bringing travel to life through stories, tips, and a whole lot of passion for seeing the world.

Our Mission

At Livin3, our mission is simple: we want to light up that adventurous spark in you and open the doors to incredible experiences. We’re firm believers that travel breaks down barriers, enriches lives, and helps us understand the beautiful diversity of cultures and places across the globe.

What We Offer

Destinations: Dive into our handpicked selection of destinations. We’ve poured heart and soul into crafting guides that aren’t just about ticking off landmarks, but about capturing the spirit and soul of each place. We’re here to inspire your next adventure and help you truly connect with the essence of every location.

Travel News: Stay in the loop with the latest in travel. From exciting new flight routes to emerging trends and updates on must-visit places, our travel news section keeps you informed and itching to pack your bags.

Food Guides: Feast your eyes (and taste buds) on our culinary adventures. Our food guides take you on a flavorful journey, showing off the unique tastes and dishes that define each destination. Whether it’s street food treasures or haute cuisine, we’re all about exploring a place through its flavors.

Things to Do: Need some inspiration for your next escapade? Our “Things to Do” category is a goldmine of offbeat travel ideas and activities. We’re here to spark your imagination with unconventional itineraries and unique experiences that make every trip unforgettable.

Come Explore With Us

Join us on this incredible journey as we uncover the wonders of the world, embrace diverse cultures, indulge in mouthwatering cuisines, and uncover hidden gems. Let Livin3 be your trusted companion as you navigate the vast world of travel experiences.

Ready for your next adventure? Come along with us and let the magic of travel fill your soul.




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