In Ancient China, the process for making green tea was created. Thousands of years later, it is now known worldwide as a delicious beverage with numerous health benefits. From increasing your lifespan to offering protection against cancer to weight loss, green tea offers impressive health benefits. The best part is that today, green tea is easy to find, so gaining these benefits is easy. Or is it? It depends on what tea you buy. So, which is the best green tea? Growing demand has made green tea a popular item to sell. From health and supplement focused companies to shops and grocery stores, there are plenty of sources for green tea. Finding the tea isn’t the challenge, it’s knowing which one to buy that can be difficult.

When it comes to green tea, quality does matter if you’re hoping to enjoy all of the benefits this drink has to offer. This article will outline what you need to know to find the best green tea on the market.

The Best Green Tea: Quality Considerations

All green teas are not equal. It’s tempting to believe that all green tea products offer the same benefits. However, it’s not true. Here are some suggestions for making a good choice:

  • Brew it Yourself

Ready-made green tea drinks are available in abundance. However, buyer beware, because many of these are also chock full of sugars. Make sure if you go this route that you check the sugar content ahead of time, especially if you plan on using green tea to help with your weight loss plans. Choose a green tea that you brew yourself to have complete control over the sugar content and brewing methods.

  • Investigate Antioxidant Content

A report by showed that different brands of green teas had wildly different amounts of one of the key components: antioxidants. This essential element in green tea is the source of many of the health benefits the tea boasts. The most plentiful antioxidant is a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. Brewed teas had a wide range of the content of this substance, ranging from 25 mg per serving to 86 mg per serving. If you can find some information about antioxidant content in the tea you purchase, remember that more antioxidants are better.

  • Check the Expiration Date

Antioxidant content diminishes over time as the tea is on the shelf. Even though tea is processed so that it can be preserved, after production, the ECGC content drops by 28 percent after 6 months of storage. So, for the best green tea that will give you the most benefits, check the product’s dates so that you can get the freshest tea and most benefits.

  • Go Loose Leaf

Typically, whole tea leaves are used in loose leaf tea products. These contain the largest amount of antioxidants while what’s typically used in tea bags, known as fannings and dust, tend to have lower antioxidant content.

These guidelines can help you as you’re choosing which brand of green tea to purchase. However, if you’d like further guidance, we’re here to help! We’ve done some research to determine some of the best green tea brands on the market.

Best Green Tea Brands

Best brands of Green TeaThe best green tea for one person may not be the best for another person. It really depends on your goals. Some people drink green tea because they love the flavor, while others seek to gain a variety of health benefits. We’ve sorted our favorite green tea products into categories based on what you may require in your green tea.

Best Green Tea for Overall Value

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea best overall value for green tea If you want the best overall value for your green tea, meaning you get the best quality for the lowest price, then this is the product for you. Made by one of the world’s most well-known tea companies, Lipton has produced a high quality but affordable blend of green tea.

This tea is ideal for those who seek convenience, since the tea is sold as tea bags. The ingredients are simple, as they should be. Green tea leaves are the only ingredient. However, despite its simple appearance and low price, Lipton boasts one of the highest EGCG contents per brewed cup according to the report. Each cup contains 71 mg of EGCG, which was one of the best results among the brands tested.


  • Comes in convenient tea bags
  • Contains a high level of antioxidants
  • Low price
  • 100% green tea

Who Makes It

Lipton is a very well-established and well-known British tea company. It’s now owned by Unilever. Prepared tea drinks are sold through Pepsi Lipton, which is a company that is jointly owned by Unilever and Pepsi. As you can see, the brand is quite famous. This brings trust to the company and its products. But, at the same time, the company doesn’t specialize specifically in green tea.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a solid green tea product from a reputable company that won’t break your budget, this is a great choice. While it may not be the best quality green tea on the market, it certainly offers value for money.

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Best Green Tea Brand for Weight LossOne of the benefits associated with green tea is weight loss. How does it work? Researchers point out that caffeine and antioxidants like EGCG may be the reason that studies have shown that green tea can help with weight loss. Some reviews of literature suggest that EGCG has an antiobesity effect. In one study, subjects who drank green tea burned more calories than those taking a placebo. Another study showed that taking green tea extract can reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone, levels. This may help control appetite.

As a result, many weight loss products feature green tea as an ingredient. There are even green tea extract supplements you can purchase to take advantage of the weight loss benefits in green tea. However, if you prefer tea, you can use any version of green tea. There are also specialty weight loss tea products that feature green tea as a main ingredient alongside other ingredients that promote weight loss.

One of the best green tea products for weight loss is:

Lean Green Supergreen Tea by The Republic of Tea

Lean Green Supergreen Tea by The Republic of TeaThis blend of tea features organic green tea, cinnamon, and garcinia cambogia extract. You’re already aware that green tea has weight loss properties. However, cinnamon is also an interesting spice that studies have shown may also promote weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia has also been known in the weight loss supplement world for quite some time because of its fat busting properties.

This product by The Republic of Tea combines these powerful ingredients to offer a tea that could really make a big difference for you on your weight loss journey. All of the organic ingredients are certified by the USDA and the tea bags are unbleached. This means that there’s a minimal chance you’ll run into harmful ingredients.

Customers report that the cinnamon adds a nice flavor to the tea blend. Those who use the tea for weight loss report that the main benefit is that their appetite is curbed. Overall, the reviews are quite positive.


  • Specially formulated for weight loss
  • Organic ingredients are certified USDA organic
  • First ingredient is green tea
  • Comes in convenient tea bags

Who Makes It

Based in California, The Republic of Tea specializes in selling premium teas. The company focuses on offering tea products that are both socially and environmentally responsible. Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea has a long history of seeking out and selling the best quality teas.

The Bottom Line

This tea offers a high-quality green tea product that you can enjoy with full confidence, knowing that it’s organic. The special formula features great weight loss ingredients without a bunch of fillers. If you’re ready to give your weight loss efforts a boost with a tea that’s delicious and easy to include in your routine, try this one.

To achieve lasting weight loss, combine your new green tea drinking habit with additional supplements and diet plans that will help you reach your goals. Many people find success following a keto diet and taking keto supplements, while others swear by ACV pills to lose weight. Whatever you decide on, making the effort to lose weight can do wonders for your health.

Best Matcha Green Tea

Best Brands of Matcha Green TeaOne popular way to drink green tea is as matcha. What is matcha? Basically, it’s pulverized green tea leaves that have been ground into a very fine powder. To prepare it, the powder is dissolved into water or milk. This means you’ll ingest the green tea leaves directly.

On the positive side, this means that you may get more antioxidants per serving. However, on the down side, you’ll spend more for it. Typically, matcha teas are more expensive per mg of EGCG obtained than brewed teas.

Despite this, many people prefer the taste and preparation style of matcha. In addition, because matcha is a powder, it’s quite versatile and can easily be added to smoothies and other foods. So, if matcha is the choice for you, we suggest you try one of the following best green tea matcha products:

Organic Matcha by Kiss Me Organics

Organic Matcha by Kiss Me OrganicsThis fantastic product features all organic Japanese green tea matcha. There’s only one ingredient, which is ideal in a green tea. The recommended dose is 1 tsp. per 8 oz of water.

Reviewers praise this product due to its taste, the energy they gain from drinking the matcha and also love its versatility. While some customers report drinking the matcha with just water, others make lattes and other drinks enhanced with the matcha powder.


  • USDA certified organic
  • 100% green tea

Who Makes It

Kiss Me Organics is a company founded by health enthusiast Anthony Codispoti. The company began because of the founder’s discovery of the benefits of green tea. So, while the company sells a range of teas, matchas and supplements, green tea holds a special place.

The Bottom Line

For a quality, no-nonsense matcha product, this is a great choice. The company’s dedication to green tea matcha inspires confidence, as does the USDA organic certification. This product also gets great reviews, making it an easy choice.

Organic Japanese Matcha by Organion

Organic Japanese Matcha by OrganionThis matcha is also very simple and contains 100% Japanese green tea. The suggested dose is of 1 tsp. A culinary grade product, the powder can be used in drinks or in baking.

Customers are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews of the product. Some of the positives they mention include: smooth texture and taste, it provides energy, and it’s versatile. The reviews show that the product can be used in many ways from baking muffins to drinking it as tea to adding the powder to lattes and smoothies.


  • USDA certified organic
  • 100% green tea

Who Makes It?

Based out of Wyoming, Organion focuses exclusively on selling matcha green tea. This focus has allowed the company to concentrate its energy exclusively on their matcha products. They sell their tea exclusively on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason the Organion green tea matcha is a top rated product on Amazon. Find out why by giving this high-quality matcha tea a try.

Best Organic Green Tea

Best Organic Green TeaFor individuals who are concerned about production practices, purchasing an organic tea is important. Not only is it better for you to ingest products that haven’t been treated with harsh chemicals, but it’s better for the environment. When chemicals are applied to plants, they wash off into the soil and water around them, meaning conventional farming can harm a whole ecosystem. By purchasing organic products, you support more sustainable farming practices and look out for your health.

When choosing an organic green tea, it’s best if you choose one that’s certified by the USDA. Otherwise, it can be hard to tell if the tea meets organic requirements.

So, which is the best organic green tea?

The matcha teas mentioned above are both USDA certified organic, making them good choices for those who prefer to buy an organic green tea. However, if you prefer a loose leaf tea, here’s another option:

Organic Gunpowder Green Tea by The Tea Company

Organic Gunpowder Green Tea by The Tea CompanyThis delicious green tea has only one ingredient: 100% organic green tea. Made from whole leaves, this tea is loose leaf and will allow you to gain all of the benefits that green tea can provide. According to the company, the tea is made and prepared in small batches so that you always get a fresh product.

What do the customers have to say? Reviewers report that the tea tastes good and doesn’t get overly bitter after brewing.


  • USDA certified organic
  • 100% organic green tea

Who Makes It?

The Tea Company sells a variety of high-quality teas. Focusing on organic, fair trade, loose leaf tea, quality is an important factor for this company. The company sells exclusively through Amazon, but also offers wholesale to interested parties.

The Bottom Line

For a delicious, loose leaf green tea, try this product. The best green tea is fresh, and this company promises to always offer you tea that’s been recently processed. If you’re looking to go to the next level in your tea experience, try this option.

Best Tasting Green Tea

Is taste your main concern when it comes to green tea? The best tasting green tea is really a matter of personal opinion. Despite the personal nature of taste preferences, getting a quality green tea or matcha is the first step in finding the best tasting green tea for you.

In addition, to make the best green tea, you should follow best practices when brewing or preparing your tea. Some of the best practices are discussed in a later section of this article.

A quality tea combined with a quality preparation will make the best tasting green tea.

What About Decaf?

Green tea does have a small amount of caffeine in it. Eight ounces of brewed green tea contains about 25 mg of caffeine. For comparison, the same amount of regular brewed coffee has between 95 and 165 mg of caffeine. But, does decaffeinating green tea affect the outcomes? According to expert, Iman Hakim, the process can result in losing some antioxidants. However, the decaffeination process used has a large effect. The effervescence method is best, as only a small percentage of antioxidants are lost. The conventional method, on the other hand results in a loss of the majority of antioxidants.

Best Practices for Drinking Green Tea

Beautiful lady drinking her cup of greenteaIf you want to gain the many health benefits that green tea has to offer, as well as enjoy a flavorful delicious cup of this Ancient Chinese brew, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Use the Right Amount

Your tea box should recommend an amount of tea to use per cup. Typically, you can use one tea bag. However, if you are using loose leaf tea, aim for using 3  grams of leaves. Most matcha teas suggest 1 teaspoon of the powder for cup of tea.

  • Your Water Shouldn’t Be Too Hot

The kettle’s boiling and steam is pouring out the top. It whistles – so you know it’s time to pour the boiling water over your tea leaves. Stop right there! Boiling water will ruin many of the components of green tea, the antioxidants included. Heat water to 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

  • Steep As Long As You’d Like

Naturally, the longer the tea is in contact with the water, the more active compounds will be released. However, you’ll have to experiment based on your preferences. The longer you leave the tea in the water, the more bitter the tea gets. About 2 minutes seems to do the trick for most people. Of course, with matcha, you won’t really brew the tea. You’ll drink it all down! So just wait for the tea to be an acceptable temperature if you’re using heated water.

  • Lemon Yes, Milk No

Matcha latte lovers will be sad to hear that milk and dairy, in general, can make it harder for your body to absorb the catechins or antioxidants. So, go for a milk alternative if you can’t shake the habit. Citrus, like lemon, on the other hand, can make catechins easier to absorb. So when choosing flavors to add, say yes to citrus and no to dairy.

  • Avoid Sugar

If your goal is weight loss, you’ll want to say no to sugar and cream or any additives to your tea. If you must have something sweet, opt for stevia which adds zero calories.  

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Green tea is the perfect drink for any time of day. But there are some health considerations that you should take into account that will help you decide when it’s best to drink it:

  • First, green tea contains caffeine, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, you should avoid it before bedtime. So, drink your last cup of green tea at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • The caffeine makes green tea an attractive early morning drink. But take it with food or after you’ve had something to eat. There’s a study that shows it may have adverse effects on your liver if you have green tea on an empty stomach.
  • Maximize nutrient intake by drinking green tea between meals. Antioxidants may prevent your body from absorbing iron properly. Alternatively, pair your tea and meal with a food that contains vitamin C which enhances iron absorption.

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink?

Some studies suggest drinking up to four or five cups of green tea a day! However, others recommend more modest amounts. There aren’t many concerns about the adverse effects of green tea, other than the fact that it may reduce iron absorption and caffeine levels. However, if you’re healthy, you can probably safely drink anywhere from 3-5 cups of tea to enjoy the maximum health benefits. Because there’s only about 25 mg of caffeine in each cup of green tea, and most healthy people can have up to 300 mg of caffeine each day, that concern is largely only valid for people with caffeine sensitivities or people who are pregnant.

The best green tea is something you have to participate in creating! First, you must select a quality green tea product, but secondly, you must prepare it using the best practices for the type of tea you’re using.

Do you already have a favorite green tea that you always purchase? Tell us about your best green tea experiences, favorite products and recommendations in the comments.