Would you love to have muscular arms and a rock-hard core? Your own body weight and some simple equipment offer you limitless numbers of exercise that will quickly transform your body. If you’re serious about fitness and looking your best, then you’ll definitely need to look into dip bars. With the dip bar, you can transform your triceps from flabby skin that hangs off your arm into well-defined muscles you’re proud to show off.

Dip bars are a simple piece of equipment that often allows you to perform numerous exercises. But, what are they? And how can you make sure you get the right dip bar that won’t fall to pieces within a few weeks? In this article, you’ll learn about the many different types of dip and pullup bars available on the market, how you can even make your own and what to look for in a quality dip bar. In addition, we’ll cover some of the best exercises you can do using the equipment. Once we’re through, you’ll be a dip bar expert!

Why Invest in a Dip Bar?

Why invest in a dip barWhat’s all the hype about dip bars? This relatively simple piece of exercise equipment is all the rage in many fitness circles. But, what’s so exciting about it?

A dip bar is generally a piece of simple equipment made of steel that allows the user to perform “dips”. In this exercise, you grab the two support bars and bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, lowering your body, and then bringing it back up. Your feet can be supported by the floor or some equipment may allow your full body to hang. While doing dips, you work your triceps, chest and shoulder muscles.

However, that’s just a small show of what dip bars can do for you. Many dip bars also allow you to do pushups, pullups, as well as plank and core exercises. These all work your upper body muscles using your own body weight. By performing these exercises, in addition to strengthening your muscles, you can also lose weight.

Types of Dip Bars: How to Choose What’s Right for You

So, now you know why you might choose to get dip bars. Next comes the hard part, which one do you pick? A dip bar for home can be hard to pick out because of the many options available on the market. There are a great variety of styles, all with their advantages and benefits. What will work best for you depends on your needs, goals and preferences for your dip bar for home.

Here are some of the most popular varieties and our recommendations on the best of each type of dip bar:

Pullup and Dip Bar: Versatility in Action

There are several popular models of pull up dip bar combination products on the market. With these products, you can enjoy maximum versatility since you can perform a range of exercises. Pullup and dip bar models allow you to perform dips, pullups, leg lifts and other exercises depending on the model. Here are some of the most popular styles in pull up dip bar designs:

#1. Body Champ Power Tower: Comfortable All-In-One Gym
Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower/Multi Station...
225 Reviews
Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower/Multi Station...
  • Vertical knee raise station for leg and knee raises
  • Lat/pull-up bar builds powerful shoulders, arms, and back
  • Push-up bars to help you build strong chest muscles and tone your arms

With this power tower and dip station, you can perform a variety of exercises, all while comfortably supported by soft, durable padding and hand-grabs. A full-size power tower, you’ll need some space and height for this piece of equipment. This equipment offers much more than your average dip station, allowing you to work your arms, chest, back and abdomen in addition to your triceps.


  • Exercise stations allow you to perform knee and leg raises, pull ups, dips, and push ups
  • Steel frame with cushions, supports and foam hand grabs
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

What We Liked:

  • Offers versatility in that you can perform several exercises
  • Great pads for grips and back and armrests

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Could be sturdier, you might consider adding sandbags to weigh it down if you’re on the upper end of the weight limit
  • Height is not adjustable

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#2. Stamina Power Tower: All-in-One Piece of Equipment

Stamina 1690 Power Tower
1,402 Reviews
Stamina 1690 Power Tower
  • WHY POWER TOWER? Power Towers allow for many different bodyweight exercises, helping you lose weight, build...
  • ALL-IN-ONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: The versatile Stamina Power Tower 1690 can be used for pull-ups, dips, push-ups,...
  • STABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Secure foam hand grips at each exercise station provide stability and comfort during...

This power tower offers you much more than a basic dip bar. This piece of tower equipment is built to allow you to do everything from pull ups and chin ups to those dips you’re hoping to do. If you’re interested in performing a full workout routine, this simple piece of equipment could be essential to your home gym. Highly rated and loved among users for its versatility, the only downside is that it could be a bit sturdier. While it won’t let you down, you may feel a bit of a rock when using the equipment. Another potential problem is that the hand holds aren’t very adjustable, so if you don’t like the width of the handholds, you’re just out of luck.


  • An all-in-one piece of fitness equipment allowing you to do dips, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, knee raises and more
  • Larger piece of equipment: 42.5 inches wide, 49 inches long and 81 inches tall
  • User weight of up to 250 pounds
  • Steel frame

Who Makes It

Stamina is a fitness equipment company that offers a wide variety of products. They sell through a variety of platforms including department stores, online, through TV shopping channels, and more. Stamina is a big name in the industry and has partnered with Cosmopolitan, Gold’s Gym, Danskin and other famous brands.

What We Liked:

  • Product is versatile and you can perform several different exercises on it in addition to dips
  • Affordable
  • Made of steel

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Product tends to rock a little bit when using it
  • Width is not adjustable

The Bottom Line

This very affordable product offers lots of versatility for performing various exercises. It’s a fairly stable tower that’s strong enough to withstand individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. While it is a great piece of exercise equipment that allows you to work muscles all over your body, it doesn’t allow individuals to make adjustments to the grip width.

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#3. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Dip Station with Vertical Knee Raise
47 Reviews
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Dip Station with Vertical Knee Raise
  • Includes dip station assembly, back and arm rests, mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • Gym quality dip station designed for easy home installation
  • Gun-metal gray powder coated finish

Save your floor space with this wall mounted dip station that also doubles as a captain’s chair. With this piece of exercise equipment, you can perform several exercises including dips and knee and leg raises. When well-mounted this piece of equipment won’t move or rock one bit when performing the exercises. Highly rated, this versatile dip bar is a must-have for your home gym.


  • Wall mounted equipment
  • Allows users to perform various exercises such as knee raises and dips
  • Padded hand holds
  • Steel construction

Who Makes It

Based out of Pennsylvania, Ultimate Body Press offers basic workout gear and equipment to help you stock your home gym. The company specializes in mounted gym products such as pull up bars and dip bars, helping you keep your floor space clear.

The Bottom Line

This is a powerhouse piece of equipment, allowing you to do your dips as well as other exercises. The wall mounted design gives you security when working out and allows you to target your chest, back, core and even legs. This product is available at an affordable price, making it an even more enticing purchase.

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Portable Dip Bar

Want to be able to take your dip bar anywhere you go? Take these portable dip bar products to the park, on vacation, or anywhere you’d like. Despite the fact that they’re portable, some of the options on the market are still quite sturdy, meaning you can exercise with confidence. Here are some of the best portable dip bar products:

#4. Dip Bar Fitness Station by Ultimate Body Press

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station
450 Reviews
Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station
  • THE PATENTED DIP STATION: The patented adjustable Dip Station with 2 width positions that correctly fits you...
  • EASY STORAGE: The only Dip Station that folds easily for transport or storage with fast color-coded spring-tab...
  • BETTER FORM: Exclusive angled grips ergonomically reduce strain and support proper form to rapidly sculpt...

This dip bar is easy to use, strong and is also easily collapsible. Made of quality materials and featuring a simple design, this dip bar allows a few exercises to be performed. Users can perform tricep and chest dips, body weight rows, as well as knee raises. Given the reasonable price, this station offers great value.


  • Weight limit of 350 lbs.
  • Made of steel
  • Collapsible design for portability

Who Makes It

Ultimate Body Press is a fitness equipment company that aims to produce affordable products for use in the home. In addition to gear and equipment, Ultimate Body Press also sells workout guides that go along with their equipment.

The Bottom Line
For a reasonable price, you can purchase this very portable dip bar that can easily be tucked away in a closet or transported to wherever you’d like to exercise. While not the most versatile dip bar, it does allow for a number of exercises to be performed. The positive customer reviews inspire confidence. This product is a great choice for those who want portability and a stable dip bar for a reasonable price.

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#5. Triple Door Gym: Easy to Move Total Body Workout Machine

Triple Door Gym Ultimate 3 in 1 Doorway Trainer - Raised Height Pull...
252 Reviews
Triple Door Gym Ultimate 3 in 1 Doorway Trainer - Raised Height Pull...
  • UNLIKE OTHER FLIMSY & IMPRACTICAL DOORWAY PULL UP BARS that may damage your door and train only one muscle...
  • WORK EVERY MUSCLE GROUP IN YOUR ENTIRE BODY from the comfort of your home with our premium pull up bar, that...
  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL DESIGN WILL ENSURE YOUR SAFETY, so you can focus on your fitness training without any...

Do your dips at home whenever you’d like! All you have to do is easily install this pull up and dip bar gym in your doorway. Offering maximum versatility, you can perform everything from dips to knee raises, push ups, rows, pull ups and more. At an affordable price, this easy to use machine is a great choice in a home gym.


  • Easily moveable piece of equipment that fits in your door
  • With this equipment, you can do dips as well as other exercises including: pull ups, push ups using the straps, rows, knee raises, and more
  • Compact for storage
  • Made of steel

What We Liked:

  • Extremely versatile, especially with the inclusion of the straps that add instability to your workouts, making them even more effective at building your muscles
  • Easy to tuck under your bed or in a closet
  • Sturdy

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The manufacturer doesn’t specify the ideal door size

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How to Pick a Quality Dip Bar: Your Complete Checklist

Now that you’re more familiar with dip bar products you can make a more informed choice about which dip bar might be best for you. We’ve created a summary of the most important factors for choosing quality dip bars that will fit your needs perfectly:

  1. Budget: One of your first considerations should be your budget. As you’ve seen in this article, most dip bars cost between $80-100. However, there are also a few budget options that fall in the $25-50 range. If you have a larger budget, you’ll obviously have more options. However, with a limited budget, you’ll have to choose carefully or go with a DIY option, which can often be cheaper.
  2. Fitness Goals: If your main goal is performing dip exercises, you may want to avoid the door frame model. This model only allows for a shallow dip, although it does allow for pull ups. The best choice for a very versatile dip station that allows many different exercises is probably the power tower. The other dip bars such as the Ultimate Body Press and Lebert also allow for several different exercises to be performed, but are not quite as versatile as the power tower.
  3. Material: Pay close attention to the material that is used to create the dip bar. Ideally, you want to see steel, as this will offer greater strength. Also pay attention to things like rubber grips, which will make using the equipment more comfortable. Another important point to investigate is the width of the bars. If you have large hands or prefer a large grip, make sure the dip bar will accommodate your grip.
  4. Portable or Not: Is portability important to you? Portable dip bars are also the ones that are usually easy to tuck away in a closet. The power tower, for example, won’t allow this. However, the doorframe pull up and dip bar is easy to move, but can’t be set up outdoors.
  5. Weight: Finally, make sure that you weigh less than the maximum weight limit for best results.

Exercises to Do with a Dip Bar

Exercises to Do with a Dip BarWhat exercises can you do with a dip bar? Most dip bars allow you to perform several exercises in addition to basic dips. Here are some basic instructions so that you can get started!

  • Tricep Dips: This basic exercise is why many people purchase dip bars. To perform dips, grasp the dip bars in either hand. Allow your legs to hang, knees bent back. If you’re using the doorframe model, you’ll have your legs straight out in front of you, resting on the floor. Then, lower your body, bending your elbows at a 90 degree angle and pull back up. Don’t dip below the 90 degree angle, as it will put unnecessary stress on your shoulders. Repeat the exercise.
  • Knee Lifts: Many dip bars allow you to perform this basic exercise that’s great for your core. Grasp the two dip bars and hold your body upright, arms straight. Your legs should be hanging, knees bent. If you’re using the power tower, you can “sit” in the chair. Then, pull your knees up so that your abdomen and knees make a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower your legs again and repeat. Make sure that you keep the movement controlled and avoid swinging your legs or using momentum rather than your muscles.
  • Body Weight Rows: Not all dip bar products allow this exercise. However, for those that do, it’s a great chest and arms workout. To perform this exercise, lie under the dip bars and grasp both bars. The bars should run parallel to your body. Your legs should be straight out in front of you and your feet can rest on the ground while you perform the exercise. Then, pull your chest and body up, bending your knees. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle upon completing the exercise. Then, extend your arms again, lowering your body just until your back touches the ground. Repeat the exercise, which is a bit like an upside-down push-up.

For the best results, perform these exercises in combination with some cardio on your home elliptical machine or head out for a jog.

The Bottom Line on Purchasing and Using a Dip Bar

Quality dip bar are a great investment for your home gym. Once you find the perfect product for your preferences and needs, you’ll be glad to add this valuable equipment to your home gym. There are many exercises that can be done with this type of equipment that will build your strength and help you grow.

By evaluating your needs and preferences carefully ahead of your purchase, you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied with what you get. Then, it’s time to get exercising and make use of the dip bar as a part of your fitness routine. Before you know it you’ll have killer triceps and a strong chest.

Do you have a dip bar you love? Or perhaps you made one yourself? Tell us about your favorite dip bars and why you love it in the comments below.