Getting a great back, arms, and abs doesn’t just happen by doing the same workouts repeatedly. If you want to get stronger, more toned, and/or get bigger muscles, then diversify your workout. Diversifying your workout gives you a leg up to next-level gains. Your body responds better to variation and you want to always keep it guessing Remember, the best workout is the one you haven’t done yet.  So, how can you get multiple types of workouts in without spending a lot of money and without taking up a lot of space? By purchasing a power tower for your home!

In this article, we will define power towers and compare similar types of fitness equipment so you know what specific benefits a power tower can give to you. Also, we will look at the current and applicable research on power towers and diversifying your exercise routine.

Furthermore, we will layout Livin3’s top picks in power towers for you to consider. Read our full reviews below for detailed information about these specific models. If you need an easy-to-understand comparison chart of the best power towers, luckily, we’ve got it in “The Rundown” section. After choosing the best power tower for you, then try our sample workout that is detailed near the end of the article.

What is a Power Tower?

Power tower for fitness 

If you don’t exactly know what a power tower is, don’t worry because that’s okay! There is a lot of fitness equipment to consider when optimizing your home fitness space, so we will help you understand the difference between power towers and other similar equipment. So, let’s compare and contrast the power tower and similar structures in the chart below:

Power Tower

Power Rack

Total Home Gym

Pull-up bar

Main Focus: upper body, core Main Focus: lower body, heavy weight lifting Main Focus: upper body, lower body Main Focus: upper body
Common Exercises: dips, pull-ups, calisthenics, abdominal leg raises Common Exercises: barbell squats, barbell press, weight bench barbell exercises, deadlifts Common Exercises: cable weight exercises, lat pull-downs, seated chest press, leg extensions Common Exercises: pull ups

What gains can I make on a power tower? 

Above all, most power towers focus on the upper body, back, and core. So, if those are areas you want to work on, a power tower can help you meet your fitness goals. However, keep in mind that power towers rarely include added weight, so you will need to consider how you can get added resistance on the equipment. For this, consider dumbbells, weight plates with belts, and/or weight vests. This will give added resistance to allow for progressive overload to the muscles in order for them to grow stronger and bigger.

Make Arm Gains

Power towers almost always include a pull-up bar, triceps dip station, and an elevated push-up station. All these workouts are great for building muscle and toning. One of the biggest differences between power tower models is their various pull up handle grips. So, how do you choose? According to one 2017 study, doing pull-ups with different grips has a minimal effect on overall upper body musculature. The important thing is that different grips help to create a different stimulus to the muscles. When you keep doing the same exercises day in and day out, the muscles become complacent and this is when plateaus happen.

Make Back Gains

Another great feature of a power tower is that you can do back exercises. In the most basic power towers, you will get a triceps dip station, however, in more complex models, you will receive certain attachments like resistance bands and back-stimulating pull up bars. Also, since some power towers come with weight benches, you can perform back exercises using free weight dumbbells.

Aside from gaining a nice, muscular back from doing exercises on a power tower, you can also work on restorative training. In one 2016 study, participants who engaged in triceps dips as part of a well-rounded back workout could reduce back pain. Another great benefit of being able to do pushing and pulling movements is that you get better muscular balance through your body. Not only does this give you a better overall physique, but it also helps with posture and balance. If you do too many dips and pushing movements without sufficient back exercises, it will lead to muscular imbalance and poor symmetry. 

Make Abdominal Gains

As you will see, they also equip most power towers with an abdominal leg raise station. On these stations, you can engage in knee raises, straight leg raises, and you can even change these workouts to include conditioning for the obliques. According to the research, abdominal exercises can help with chronic low back pain, at least for the short term. So, think of a power tower as a means to restore your body as well.

Choosing the Best Power Tower for You

Now that you have a better idea about power towers, what they are, and what they can do for you, here is a list of Livin3’s top picks in power towers. Furthermore, to help you better compare the products, be sure to read “The Rundown” section for side-by-side comparisons. Also, don’t forget to try our intense power tower workout. Can you get through it in one sweep? If you can, then good for you!

Livin3’s Top Pick

Harison Power Tower – The Power Tower with the Most Workouts

Harison Power Tower For FitnessWhy We Love It:

This is the most diverse power tower we found on the market! We love this machine because it gives you several abdominal workouts along with several back workouts. Also, since there are many arm and chest workouts, this power tower stands out from them all.

The Research:

Having a diverse exercise routine (as the ones you would get on this Harison power tower) is not only more fun and works more muscles, but it will also make you more likely to exercise (1)! By having multiple exercises in one structure, you have a plethora of exercises to do in one spot. We all need a little kick to exercise sometimes, so make your home fitness space one that motivates you to workout. Results are driven by consistency, so the more motivated you are to do your workouts, the better success you will have.

  • Includes a removable weight bench, resistance bands, dip bar, leg raise bar, pull-up bar, and an elevated push-up station
  • Height of the power tower is adjustable
  • Max weight capacity is 220 lbs
Things to Consider:

As you will see with many of the power towers on the list, power towers tend to focus on core, back, and arm strength, while neglecting to provide workouts for the lower body. Make sure you have a lower body workout in place since these machines rarely include leg developer attachments.

Customer Reviews:

Along with being easy and straightforward to install, customers say that the Harison power tower is solid during use.

According to one customer who is 250 lbs, this machine still works great; However, he notices a weakening of the power tower after consistent use. However, a quick tightening of the bolts fixes the problem.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you are looking to get a lot of equipment and exercises in one power tower, then choose this one! Aside from the power tower itself, you also get a removable weight bench. So, it’s a two-in-one purchase! 

Livin3’s Runner Up

Reliancer Power Tower – The Best Power Tower for Bulking Up

Reliancer Power Tower For FitnessWhy We Love It:

As you may guess, we love the Reliancer power tower because it can pack on tons of weight and give you muscle-shredding workouts. Also, this is the only power tower on the list of the best that can hold this much weight (that is, up to 800 lbs).

  • Includes a weight bench, barbell rack, dip bar, leg raise bar, pull-up bar, and elevated push-up station
  • Does not include a barbell for bench press exercises
  • Max weight capacity is 800 lbs
Things to Consider:

Even though this machine could arguably replace nearly all of your powerlifting equipment, keep in mind that the barbell for bench presses is sold separately. Also, while you can put up to 800 lbs on this pull-up station, it does not provide adequate means to store all that weight. So, a weight shelf might be in order.

Customer Reviews:

Per customer reviews, this pull up tower is extremely sturdy (perhaps because of having a weight bench built into the frame). 

On the flip side, it somewhat complicates assembly for many customers. Also, customers complained that they had to go to the hardware store to replace the nuts and bolts that came with the product because they did not fit well together.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you need a power tower that can withstand a lot of weight, then this is the power tower you should choose (without a doubt)! Since this pull up station can hold up to 800 lbs, you can do both bodyweight and heavy weight exercises.

Livin3’s Honorable Mention 

Weider Power Tower – The Best Pull Up Station for Upper Body

Weider Power Tower For Fitness

Why We Love It:

Unlike the top two power towers, the Weider power tower offers some similar exercises at nearly half the cost. On this one power tower, you can do pull-ups, triceps dips, elevated push-ups, and abdominal exercises.

  • Max user weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Lightweight frame (product weight is 86 lbs)
  • Includes a pull-up bar, pull up handles (for a wide pull up), triceps dip, abdominal knee raise mount, and elevated pushup handles
Things to Consider:

While this power tower has several arm exercises, it is lacking in the number of workouts that are built into the machine when compared to the Livin3 Top Pick and Runner Up.

Customer Reviews:

According to many customers, it takes less than an hour to set up this equipment (and it’s pretty easy). Also, people like that this machine takes up less space than some other power towers available.

As can happen with some of these power towers, customers complain that they experience wobbling during use. If you are concerned with the instability of this power tower, then consider adding sandbags to the base. You can even use spare free weights to balance out the tower.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If the arm exercise equipment is lacking in your home fitness space, then the Weider Power Tower should be your top choice. Aside from pull-ups, you get a variety of bodyweight exercises all in one structure. If budget is a big factor when purchasing your power tower, then this one is one of the best cheap power towers out there!

The Best Power Tower Under $250

Ader Power Tower

Ader Power Tower For FitnessWhy We Love It:

Since this model comes with a weight bench, the Ader power tower offers similar workouts as the Livin3 Top Pick and Runner Up. Therefore, you may be more inclined to choose this product since it is cheaper than the other full-body power towers.

  • Includes a weight bench, dip bar, leg raise bar, pull up bar, and elevated push up station
  • Adjustable weight bench for incline, flat, and decline exercises to hit your chest from all angles
  • For comfortable abdominal exercises, the back pad is also adjustable
Things to Consider:

Even though this model includes a weight bench, keep in mind that there is no barbell rack, let alone a means to store any weight plates. If you need a power tower to hold a barbell like a squat rack would then refer back to the Livin3 Runner Up.

Customer Reviews:

Many customers like that the weight bench is foldable, so you can save on space. Also, since the weight bench is adjustable to flat, incline, and decline, you can save money on purchasing a separate weight bench. 

Per customer reviews, people who are around 200 lbs or above may feel some wobbling during use. Also, some customers complain that they did not receive a user manual, making set up difficult.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

As stated before, if you want a power tower with a weight bench but don’t want to fork over $250 to $400, choose the Ader power tower. With this model, you can get similar exercises for a fraction of the price.

The Best Compact Power Tower

Relife Power Tower

Relife Power Tower For FitnessWhy We Love It:

If you need to save on space and/or purchase one of the cheaper power towers on the market, then the Relife power tower may be the best option for you. This pull up station has one of the smallest footprints, so you can tuck it away in the corner of your home fitness space. 

  • Includes a pull-up bar, triceps dip, abdominal knee raise mount, and elevated pushup handles
  • Max weight capacity is 330 lbs
  • Height of the power tower is adjustable
Things to Consider:

As you may have guessed for the cheaper price, this is one of the few power towers that does not come with a weight bench, which can limit the number of exercises you can do on the power tower. Above all, make sure you weigh the price of these products with the number of exercises you are getting. You may see that some more expensive power towers offer more workouts. To make the best choice, remember to calculate the price per workout offered on these power towers.  

Customer Reviews:

Unlike some other power towers, this model has all the exercise features on one side, allowing you to push this up to wall. Customers love how they can maximize space in their home fitness area with this power tower. 

Depending on your weight (even if it is under the max weight), you may notice more shakiness than others. According to some customers, they experience wiggling while using the dip bar attachment. 

Who Should Purchase This Product:

Those trying to save on floor space and/or those who want to buy one of the cheaper power towers should put this one at the top of their list. Above all, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a full upper body workout at home.

The Rundown on Power Towers

Here is a quick way to compare all the power towers we reviewed in this article. Hopefully, by using this list, you can find the best power tower for your fitness needs.


Less than $150

Includes 5 or more workouts built-in 

Upper body workouts

Abdominal workouts

Harison Power Tower (Top Pick) X X X
Reliancer Power Tower (Runner Up) X X X
Weider Power Tower (Honorable Mention) X X X
Ader Power Tower X X X
Relife Power Tower X X X


Sample Workout: Power Tower

Man Working Out Using A Power Tower MachineOnce your power tower arrives at your home, don’t miss out on our sample power tower workout! While these exercises may not be compatible with every power tower, most of these exercises can be done with a little improvisation. Upon reviewing this workout, you will then see that weight plates can enhance some of these exercises with belts or weight vests. As always, if your power tower is not made for some of these exercises, then try to revise the sample workout.

Since we do not include added weight in this workout, it is up to you to determine if you should add weight to these exercises. As always, tailor your decision based on your fitness goals and equipment available. In general, if you want to bulk up, max out with added weight and limit the number of repetitions you do. If you want muscle toning, decrease the weight so you can get more repetitions in per set.

Ready to Make Gains?

Disclaimer: Prior to starting any workout regimen, always check with your doctor to see if it is safe to perform these types of exercises. Since these power towers are complex pieces of equipment, it is imperative that they are set up properly and you know what exercises the power tower is (and is not) made for.   



Target Area(s)



Power Tower Warm Up
Since you will get a full-body workout on your power tower, make sure you warm up! So, get your heart pumping with jumping jacks and burpees, and some dynamic leg and arm swings. Cardio 2 minutes (jacks) + 40 burpees
Classic or weighted pull-ups
Pull-ups rock because they build muscle. Switch up your pull up by changing your hand positions. For example, do several sets with your hands close together and then switch it up with a wide grip. Also, consider adding weight (i.e. weight vest). Biceps, back, chest 3 10
Elevated push-ups or wall presses
If your power tower comes with an elevated push-up station, then use it! Otherwise, you can do incline/decline push-ups. Also, for even more great chest exercises, click here. If you have limited chest strength, then do wall presses against the frame of your power tower. Chest 3 12
Abdominal leg raises
Some power towers have a leg raise station built-in, however, you can do leg raises with a simple pull-up bar on your power tower. To do this exercise, keep your legs straight while you try to lift your legs all the way up to eye level. If you’re a beginner, then try tucking your legs to your chest until you have enough strength to do straight-leg raises. Keep your core tight throughout the reps. Abdominals 3 10
Around the world leg raises
Using the same mechanism you used for the abdominal leg raises, keep your legs straight as you slowly circle your feet to the side, up, to the other side, and then back to the start. A full range of motion circle will give you the biggest challenge. Ultimately, this exercise will burn your entire torso! Oblique, abdominals 3 (per side) 12-15
Split lunges
If you have a weight bench (or even just a small step up platform) on your power tower, then you can do split lunges for a lower body workout! Legs, glutes 4 12-15


Obviously, this isn’t an easy workout. Can you get through it in one sweep? If you did, then awesome! To make total-body gains, your workout should get you pumped, stronger, and sweating. Also, aside from the warmup, make sure you get a good cool down in after this session. and finish with some stretching. Stretching at the end of a workout will help in muscle repair, recovery, and prevention of soreness.

Before You Purchase

Now that you’ve read through this article, you may feel that a power tower is just what you need in your home. As you see from the products listed above, these power towers can give you hardcore abdominal, lower body, and upper body workouts.

While you may need more time to think about which power tower would be best for your home fitness space, refer back to this article for our full product reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and science-based information about power towers. Above all, we hope that you can use this information to make an educated purchase!

What workouts do you need in a power tower? Abdominal workouts? Back workouts? Let us know what you need in the comments below!