Don’t you wish there was a magic drink that could help you lose weight? We all do! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I wish I could tell you there is a magic drink for weight loss, but there is not. While this may sound like bad news, here is the good news you want to hear: you can make simple dietary switches to make weight loss easier. Sometimes the path towards weight loss can be as simple as “drink this more often than that.” What drink could that be? Green tea!

I know what you may be thinking: “Okay, I will just do a tea detox. I have seen so many weight loss tea detoxes online. Which tea is the best weight loss tea?” As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I am here to tell you that tea detoxes and tea fasts may make you shed water weight, but these quick-fixes for weight loss will not help you lose actual weight for the long term. Studies have shown to be inconclusive as to whether tea itself leads to weight loss. Also, despite what tea detox marketing may tell you, drinking tea alone will not substantially boost your metabolism. Bummer! Check out this article here to learn more about metabolism myths (your mind may be blown)!

Why is green tea a good option to add into your weight loss diet?

Drinking Green Tea for Weight LossSo now that we are back at square one in your weight loss journey, here is a tried and true method to lose weight: Start with small changes and learn how to make simple low-calorie switches in the beverages you choose.

Besides having very few calories (16 calories per 12-ounce plain green tea), consuming tea yields several other health benefits like hydration, a small boost of caffeine (about half of what coffee provides), and statistically significant heart health benefits like reduction in heart attack and improved blood lipid and cholesterol levels.

Sugar-sweetenedbeverages like soda, juice, sports drinks and coffee drinks can add substantial calories, fat, and sugar to your diet when consumed regularly. It’s also pretty hard to find low-calorie, unsweetened drinks at places like Starbucks or Teavana! The problem with sugar-sweetenedbeverages is that they are so easy to drink,but so difficult to burn off at the gym. Cutting down on your weekly sugar-sweetenedbeverage intake will help you significantly reduce calories and bring you closer to losing weight. Switching out sugar-sweetenedbeverages for plain, unsweetened green tea is a great strategy to use tea for weight loss.

You may be skeptical that switching out sugar-sweetenedbeverages with green tea is actually effective. Let’s look at a mathematical example: if you drink one 12-ounce cola per day every day of the week (140 calories per serving), you are consuming 980 calories per week from cola alone. If you substitute that cola with, say, green tea for weight loss (16 calories per serving), you are saving yourself 868 calories per week! It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound, so switching out sugar-sweetenedbeverages with green tea is a great way to help you shave off calories and to lose weight!

There are so many tea companies that claim they have the best tea for weight loss, but which is the right choice? In this article, you will learn about the best green tea brands on the market to add to your current weight loss diet and exercise regimen. You will also learn how to choose high-quality tea as well as some recipes to help you get started making low-calorie green tea switches for weight loss.

What types of green tea are available and which green tea is the best for you?

Amongst the thousands of green tea weight loss products out there, there are several categories of green tea to choose from: hot tea, iced tea, premixed tea, and matcha green tea powder. It is important that you think about which type of green tea beverage is both feasible for your lifestyle and something that you will actually drink (to avoid grabbing that cola)!

Here is a breakdown of popular green tea products and our tips on how to choose the best green tea for weight loss and one that will suit your preferences. Be sure to check out our “Green Tea Recipe and Tips” section below for recipe ideas and other tipson how to make low-calorie tea switching more enjoyable and successful.

Best Hot Green Tea

Green Tea with Lemon by Bigelow

Green Tea with Lemon by BigelowThis green tea is the perfect option to consume instead of those high calorie, high fat, and high sugar coffee drinks and tea drinks from the local coffee shop. Infused with lemon, these green tea bags have a hint of added flavor while giving you the warmth you crave in a hot Americano or green tea latte. This tea also received nearly five out of five stars on based on over 1000 customer reviews!


  • Contains a hint of lemon and is suitable for both hot tea and homemade iced tea
  • Pre-portioned into individual servings and ready to steep
  • Other flavors like green tea with peach are also available to add variety
  • Packaged in sealed foil for prolonged freshness
  • price: $13.98 for 6 boxes of 20 tea bags (120 total)

Who Makes It:

Bigelow is a well-known tea company that has been in business since 1945. Their tea varieties are sold in all major grocery stores and are also available in bulk on websites like Bigelow prides themselves on their new “SustainabiliTea” program which promotes environmentally friendly tea growing, harvesting, and packaging practices. To date, Bigelow has discovered ways to create zero waste in all three of its manufacturing facilities as well as protect 347 acres of land from any development. Bigelow has an extensive history of environmentally friendly practices and has been using solar energy since 2007.

The Bottom Line:

If you want an affordable, well-rounded and great-tasting tea to replace your high fat, high calorie, and high sugar beverages, a flavored green tea by Bigelow is a great option for you. Purchasing from this sustainable company will help you feel good about your purchase, and you can buy the tea for cheap in bulk, which is great if you’re looking to save money.

Best Iced Green Tea

Pure Leaf Iced Tea (Unsweetened Green) by Pure Leaf

This iced tea is already steeped and bottled for convenience and transport. Keep these single-serve bottles in your home refrigerator or at the office to always have a zero-calorie beverage on hand. One thing to keep in mind: With the convenience of a pre-packaged bottle comesa higher price per drink!


  • This tea is brewed from tea leaves, rather than from green tea powder or concentrate
  • Zero calories per bottle
  • No artificial sweeteners or added colors
  • Portable and pre-packaged in a single-serve portion
  • com price: $18 for 12 bottles (18.5-ounce serving size)

Who Makes It:

Pure Leaf has several product lines with different flavors. Other products like their bottled black tea are ranked as the #1 best seller in bottled iced tea on The tea used in Pure Leaf products is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified growing estates in India, Kenya, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

The Bottom Line:

The Pure Leaf bottled iced tea is great for people who want zero-calorie beverages on the go, at home, or in the office. These single-serve portions make it easy to grab and easy to stick to your healthy, low-calorie switch.

Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

Akira Matcha Organic Matcha by Matcha Konomi

Akira Matcha Organic Matcha by Matcha KonomiMatcha is a green tea powder which provides the benefits of green tea with added frothiness and a unique mouthfeel. Matcha can be stirred into hot or cold water and has been an international sensation for its versatility in drinks and desserts. This matcha green tea powder may be a great way for someone to transition from creamy drinks to green tea since matcha offers the same creamy and frothy sensation as a latte with half-and-half. This green tea option is rather pricey, however, so make sure you weigh the benefits and costs of this investment! 


  • If you buy the 1-ounce tin and do not enjoy the product, you can get a full refund from the company
  • 100% organic
  • No sugars, no fillers, and no preservatives
  • Per the Akira Matcha, the products may purposefully sell out before being re-stocked in order to keep the product batches fresh for consumers (they may not always be available online)
  • price: $23.70 for a 1-ounce tin (30 servings) or $49.95 for 3.5 ounces (105 servings); 16-ounce tins are available as well

Who Makes It:

Matcha Konomi is a relatively new company originating from homemade recipes that took Instagram by storm and created a whirlwind of demand overnight. After becoming an Instagram sensation, the founder and single mom, Michelle, opened a matcha food truck in Corpus Christi, Texas. Within one month, her food truck was named the best food truck in town and won the people’s choice award in the area. Matcha Konomi has gained celebrity support and was served to guests who attended the 2017 Academy Awards.

The Bottom Line:

This matcha green tea powder is on the higher end of the green tea spectrum regarding price. If you are willing to invest in this pricier product, or if you want the frothy mouthfeel matcha powder provides, this is the best option for you. Matcha powder has about 3 calories per serving, making it a great low-calorie choice to add to your weight loss and exercise regimen.

Best Lightly Sweetened Green Tea

Organic Iced Green Tea, Lightly Sweetened Grapefruit Honey by Steaz  

Organic Iced Green Tea, Lightly Sweetened Grapefruit Honey by Steaz Sometimes you just cannot stomach the bitterness of plain tea. Luckily we have found a lightly sweetened green tea that can be added into your weight loss diet with minimal calories. This product blends tea with several different flavors ofhoney and fruit. Check out all of the different flavors to add variety! One thing to consider: This product has 20 grams of sugar per serving. However, this may be less than other sugar-sweetenedbeverages you currently consume.


  • 80 calories per serving (16 ounces)
  • Portable and packaged in single-serve aluminum cans
  • Various flavors like Honey Grapefruit, Blueberry, and Coconut
  • Four and a half out of five stars with 600 customer reviews on
  • com price: $24 for 12 cans (16-ounces)

Who Makes It:

Steaz specializes in organic teas and energy drinks. Their multi-faceted mission is to provide healthy yet tasty drinks to consumers while supporting socially and environmentally friendly initiatives. Steaz also prides themselves on ensuring their tea and sugar suppliers make fair profits to grow and flourish in their local communities.

The Bottom Line:

While this green tea product is not the lowest in calories and sugar, this lightly sweetened tea is great for someone who wants to decrease their sugar and calorie intake from sugar-sweetenedbeverages while still enjoying a low-calorie drink that fits into their weight loss routine. This green tea offers the best of both worlds: Lots of flavor for not a lot of calories! With several flavors, consumers will not get bored ofthis product and will hopefully choose this low-calorie option more often to reach their weight loss goals.

Best Sparkling Green Tea

Sparkling Organic Tea by SOUND Tea

Sparkling Organic Tea by SOUND TeaMaybe you can handle losing the sweetness of the sugar-sweetenedbeverages, but sometimes you are really craving the fizzy carbonation of a soda! Instead of reaching for a bubbly cola, grab one of these sparkling green tea beverages! These single-serve bottles are great for on the go and can curb any soda craving!


  • Zero calories per bottle
  • Brewed with organic green tea leaves
  • No artificial sweeteners or added colors
  • Portable and pre-packaged in a single-serve portion
  • price: $33.04 to $37.62 for twelve 12-ounce bottles (differs with caffeine content and variety flavor packs)

Who Makes It:

SOUND Tea gets its name from using “sound” ingredients in all of their beverages. Even though they lack diversity in their products, they specialize in everything sparkling tea. Aside from sparkling green tea, SOUND Tea offers sparkling versions of yerba mate, chamomile tea, white tea, and rose tea. The company’s slogan is “Less is Enough,” and they pride themselves on providing customers with simple, straightforward products.

The Bottom Line:

This sparkling green tea is essential for anyone who craves bubbles and carbonation. You do not have to feel guilty when reaching for this zero-calorie green tea beverage. Since this beverage comes in individual portions, you can take it with you on the go and you can rest assured every new bottle will be bursting with tingly bubbles!

The Keys to Picking the Best Green Tea for You: Your Checklist Before You Buy

Woman choosing the best teaNow that you are familiar with the best green teas available on the market, you can now make an educated (and taste-driven) purchase in a product that will truly help you stick to your diet and reach your weight loss goals. Here is a checklist of the most important factors in finding the perfect green tea for you:

  1. Your Schedule:It is essential that you analyze how much time you can devote to fixing yourself a green tea drink. If you never prepare drinks at home, you probably will not stick to steeping a pot of green tea every morning. Choose the type of green tea drink that best complements your schedule. If you need a grab and go drink, choose one of the pre-bottled options on the list. For those of you who like to relax over a warm cup of hot chocolate in your pajamas at home, the hot green tea bags may be the most pleasing to you. While it may just seem like a cup of tea, finding the habit that best fits your schedule will help you actually implement low-calorie changes to lose the weight.
  2. Your Taste buds and Preferences: Green tea may not be as tasty as a Caramel Macchiato, but it is important that you enjoy the green tea drink you choose. Forcing yourself to like bitter, hot green tea will not deter you from grabbing the high calorie, high fat, and high sugar beverages. If you crave a frothy mouthfeel and creaminess to your beverage, opt for a matcha-based drink. If you crave sweetness, try out some of the sweeter green teas in this list. Carbonated green tea is suitable for people who are trying to transition away from soda. Regardless of your preferences, it is essential to find a balance between low-calorie choices for weight loss and enjoyment of the beverage you are drinking.

Green Tea Recipes and Tips to Add to Your Diet for Weight Loss

  1. Sometimes all you need to implement a dietary change is some inspiration! Below is a great green tea with mint recipe from Click here for the full recipe.
    • 2 cups fresh mint
    • 2 Tbsp green tea leaves (or 3 tea bags)
    • 1 inch of peeled ginger root, thinly sliced
    • 2 Tbsp honey (optional)
    • 6 cups boiling water
    • 1 orange, sliced
    • 6 mint sprigs for garnish
    • Directions: Crush the mint between your fingers and place the mint, tea, ginger, and honey into a teapot. Pour the boiling water over the ingredients and stir. Cover and let steep for 10 to 12 minutes. Strain and serve in a mug with a slice of orange and mint sprig as the garnish.
  2. For those of you on a budget or who like to mix and match their beverages, make your own green tea mix! Mix 1 part juice, sparkling water, regular water, lemonade, or other beverage with 3 parts cooled green tea. Add ice if desired. You can experiment with several different combinations and make larger batches than what is offered in the premade bottles.
  3. Sometimes hot brewed tea is bitter. Yuck! Instead of brewing the tea on the stovetop or in the microwave, try making “sun tea.” Sun tea is a slow-brew method that yields smoother flavor since the tea leaves are not burnt or boiled in the process. Like the name suggests, you can steep your tea in the sun or you can do it all in the refrigerator. All you need is a large glass pitcher filled with water and several green tea bags.
    • Drop the green tea bags into the water and secure the tea bags to the rim of the pitcher so that they do not fall to the bottom.
    • Allow the pitcher to sit in the sun or in the refrigerator for several hours before removing the tea bags. Sun tea can be served hot or cold.

The Bottom Line on Selecting and Adding Green Tea into Your Weight Loss Diet

Everyone can make simple dietary changes to reach their weight loss goals. While you may think of it as just “a cup tea,” that cup of tea could be the key to reducing your calories and losing the weight. Developing and mastering simple, low-calorie switches is essential to slow and steady weight loss that lasts. Once you find the green tea that works best for you, your preferences, and your lifestyle, you will have success with implementing green tea and weight loss practices in your everyday life. Switching to low-calorie beverages is just one step in the weight loss journey, but it can be a simple step that helps you build confidence in yourself that you can reach the weight loss goals you set for yourself!

Now that you have read this article, you understand that there are a lot of different green tea products for you to try. The hardest part: Trying them all! Use the checklist above to narrow down your search. By following this checklist and corresponding tips, you can make the switch from sugar-sweetened beverages to lower calorie options that allow you to progress towards your weight loss goals!

Which green tea option are you most interested in trying? Hot tea? Sparkling tea? What about the sun tea method? Let us know in the comments below.