Are you interested in ways to improve your health and enhance your fitness routine?  There are many ways to improve your performance, but one tried-and-true method seems to be protein powder; vegan protein powder, to be exact.  They design vegan protein powder to help you recover more quickly after workouts and improve your body and your health. It allows you to push yourself further in your fitness routine by keeping your body fueled with an extra supply of protein. You can also use vegan protein powder to manage your weight.

Vegan protein powder comes in many forms, flavors and brands. So how can you be sure to choose the best vegan protein powder that is right for your body, as well as the best tasting vegan protein powder? In this article, you’ll be able to learn about a few different brands and types of vegan protein powder on the market. You’ll discover what makes each one stand out. In addition, we will share ways you can incorporate vegan protein powder into your diet. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision about which vegan protein powder to try.

Why Purchase Vegan Protein Powder?

Purchasing vegan protein powderWhy is everyone suddenly interested in vegan protein powder? What is the difference between regular old protein powder and vegan protein powder? Does it really make any difference which kind of protein powder you use?

Vegan protein powder uses no animal products whatsoever. It is entirely plant-based and uses many types of plants to provide the complete amount of protein that your body needs. You can expect to see plant sources such as pea protein, hemp, soy, and brown rice. Because of the large number of plants that are included in vegan protein powder, there are a lot more vitamins and nutrients in it, as compared to regular whey protein.

Many commercial whey proteins come from cows that are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, making for a very inferior source. Most whey is also cheaply produced. They will add in many fillers, additives, artificial ingredients, and sugar. One scoop of a commercial whey protein may be a 35-gram serving, but only contains 22 grams of protein. That means the rest is made up of other ingredients you probably want to avoid.

Vegan protein powder is also more easily digestible since it is entirely plant-based. It contains fiber and digestive enzymes that are more gentle on your stomach. Other kinds of protein powders contain lactose, which is a harder ingredient to digest for many people.

Kinds of Vegan Protein Powders: How to Pick What’s Best for You

Choosing Vegan Protein PowderNow that you understand the difference between vegan protein powder and other kinds of protein powder, which kind of vegan protein powder should you choose?  There are many varieties and brands of vegan protein powder on the market, making it difficult to narrow down which one is best.

There are traditional powders, spirulina powders, raw powders, and organic powders. Below is a list of some of the most popular types and brands of vegan protein powder and our recommendations for the best of each kind.

Vegan Protein Powders

There are many options for Vegan Protein Powder, including organic protein powder and raw vegan protein powder. They range in price and amount of protein per serving size. They offer many different flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, or coffee-flavored. Here are a few of the most popular vegan protein powders.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina PowderComing from Hawaii, this vegan protein powder offers high levels of protein per serving and is the only spirulina based protein powder to be produced in a bio-secure zone, making it the purest and healthiest form of spirulina based protein on the market.


  • Non GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose and Preservative Free
  • High levels of carotenoids because of constant exposure to sunlight
  • Good flavor, according to reviews
  • Contains Spirulina, which is known for anti-aging, skin and eye health

Who Makes It

Nutrex Hawaii, a Hawaiian healthy supplement company. You can buy directly through the company’s website, as well as nutritional shops such as The Vitamin Shoppe. You can also purchase it through Amazon.

Overall Assessment

This protein powder has excellent reviews online. It is one of the most popular traditional vegan protein powders and is currently ranked as #2. It contains 55 to 70 percent digestible protein per serving, making it easier on the stomach. It is also the only spirulina to be produced in a biosecure zone, making it completely free of herbicides, pesticides, and industrial pollutants. It is reasonably priced and is free of pesticides.

Vega Sport Protein Powder

Vega Sport Protein PowderThis vegan protein powder offers one of the largest flavor varieties and can also be purchased in on-the-go packs. It’s formulated with athletes in mind and is Informed Choice certified for sports.


  • Contains probiotics for digestive health
  • 30 grams of protein per serving
  • Non-GMO, no artificial flavors and Informed Choice certified for sports
  • Can be purchased in individual packs

Who Makes It

Vega, a nutrition company that produces a wide variety of health supplements and shakes. This product can be found through big box stores such as Wal-Mart and Target.

Overall Assessment

This protein powder has fantastic reviews. It is one of the more cheaply priced protein powders and boasts great flavor choices. It is available in 4 flavors: mocha, berry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein PowderThis protein powder goes a step further, offering an organic, plant-based choice in a wide variety of flavors. As one of the top-ranked choices, it’s a great choice for those who prefer organic protein powder.


  • Organic
  • Available in 4 flavors, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla and Vanilla Almond
  • Blends well into smoothies

Who Makes It

Orgain makes this organic vegan protein powder. It can be purchased online through many sites, including Amazon. It can also be purchased in stores such as Market Street.

Overall Assessment

This is one of the more reasonably priced organic vegan protein powders. From the reviews, it appears to be one of the best tasting vegan protein powders. It also blends well in shakes and is free of any harmful chemicals or additives, due to it being organic. This protein boasts 21 grams of organic protein and 5 grams of organic fiber per serving.

Raw Vegan Protein Powders

To be called a ‘raw’ protein, a protein powder cannot be exposed to heat above 42C/107F at any time during processing. This manufacturing process seals in all the vital nutrients and enzymes that allow us to efficiently digest the protein – meaning that your product gets to work exactly where it is needed.

This is why many people are interested in raw vegan protein powders. Here are a couple of the top raw protein powders.

Garden of Life Meal Replacement – Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder

Garden of Life Meal Replacement – Organic Raw Plant Based Protein PowderThey make this raw vegan protein powder of 44 superfoods that provide a high level of organic plant-based protein per serving, and it also contains probiotics for improved digestive health.


  • 20 grams of organic plant protein per serving
  • Available in 4 flavors: chocolate, lightly sweet, vanilla and vanilla chai
  • Contains probiotics
  • Includes 44 superfoods in the ingredients

Who Makes It

Garden of Life, a company that focuses on organic healthy supplements, makes this raw vegan protein powder. It can be purchased online and in many other stores. It can also be purchased in brick and mortar grocery stores, such as Market Street.

The Bottom Line

If it is important to you to purchase a protein powder that is not only vegan and organic, but is also considered to be raw, then this product is a great choice. However, according to the reviews, many people aren’t fond of the flavor and the distinct powdery texture. Yet many continue to use it and praise it as having helped them in obtaining weight loss goals and feeling more energized.

KOS Organic Plant Based Protein Powder – Raw Organic Vegan Protein Blend

KOS Organic Plant Based Protein Powder – Raw Organic Vegan Protein BlendMade with a special 5-protein blend and available in two basic flavors, they manufacture this raw organic vegan protein powder using a more environmentally friendly process.


  • Special 5-Protein Blend
  • Available in two flavors, chocolate, and vanilla
  • Contains healthy fibers and digestive enzymes important for gut health
  • Smaller environmental footprint in the manufacturing process
  • Blends well in water

Who Makes It

KOS is the company responsible for this product. This raw vegan protein powder can be purchased online. It can also be found online through the company’s website.

The Bottom Line

This raw vegan protein powder is another great option. It has great reviews and boasts a good flavor, especially the vanilla flavor. In fact, the absolute best thing about this protein powder is the taste, which everyone seems to rave about in the reviews. Several reviews share that this protein powder is also gentle on the stomach.

Ways to Use Vegan Protein Powder In Your Diet

Using Vegan Protein Powder In Your DietAs you can see, there are many options with vegan protein powders. You can find it in several flavors, from chocolate to mocha, to vanilla to spirulina. So now that you know of the huge variety of vegan protein powders you can find, including traditional, to spirulina, to raw, to organic protein powders, how do you use vegan protein powder?

You will want to read the directions carefully on any protein powder you choose because each one has different amounts of protein per serving. Follow the nutritional guidelines and do not take more vegan protein powder than the container recommends in a day. Be sure to properly measure the amount of protein you mix into your drink or shake, according to the directions on the packaging. Do not let the mixed protein powder sit out in the open for too long. You want to drink it fairly quickly after you have mixed the powder into your drink. Be sure to also properly store your dry protein powder according to the package directions. Most say to keep in a dry and cool location.

  • Health Supplement: Protein powder is an easy and helpful way to boost your body’s health by adding a properly measured amount to your water or smoothie. Have some for an energy boost midday, or as an afternoon snack.
  • Post-Workout: After a grueling workout, it is great to have a protein shake to help keep your muscles healthy. When you finish a workout, your muscles are like a sponge ready to absorb protein to start to repair and rebuild them. Giving your body liquid nutrition allows for faster absorption and quicker delivery of protein to the muscle compared to a whole food meal.
  • Meal-Replacement: Many vegan protein powders can be used as meal replacements for losing weight. Be sure to carefully follow the meal replacement instructions found on the packaging.
  • Weight Gain: For those with high metabolism or who find it difficult to gain weight, the addition of a protein shake can be helpful. You can also mix it with some almond or coconut milk to keep it vegan but get in some extra calories. To boost the calories even more, blend this up with a banana, and natural almond or peanut butter for a high-calorie, but nutritious weight gain shake.

Vegan Protein Powder Recipe

There are many ways you can incorporate your vegan protein powder into different drinks, smoothies, and shakes. Here is a delicious smoothie recipe. After a tough workout, try this refreshing, satisfying, and protein-packed smoothie that has a tangy twist to it.

  1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
    2. 1 ripe banana
    3. 1/2 cup (125 ml) chopped mango, frozen
    4. 1 large handful of kale
    5. 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
    6. 1 tbsp. chia seeds
    7. 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder + 1/4 cup water

The Bottom Line on Choosing Your Protein Powder

There are many types and brands of protein powders to choose from, and they all offer different benefits. Each type of vegan protein powder is made up of its own special blend of nutrients and proteins. They each have different textures, flavors, and unique positive features.

For some people, being completely free of harmful pesticides, additives, artificial preservatives, and flavors is very important. Many see this as the way to make a protein smoothie much healthier. In addition, being Non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free is often a big plus. If these benefits are important to you, then you will want to choose an organic vegan protein powder.

Taking it one step further, those in support of raw vegan protein powder, or raw organic vegan protein powder, believe that the temperature of the protein powder is also important and that the manufacturing process is also a critical factor regarding which protein they ingest. If this feature is important to you, then a raw organic vegan protein powder may be the best choice.

Many people have to deal with digestive issues on a regular basis, and a protein powder with probiotics could help you have a healthier gut. An unhealthy gut can lead to things like:

  • Gas, bloating, and cramping
  • Digestive issues
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Moodiness, anxiety, and depression
  • Skin problem
  • Autoimmune issues

Digestive issues or lactose intolerance is another reason vegan protein powder can be a better choice.

If flavor matters to you, there are several to choose from, and it all depends on what you prefer. Texture plays a big role too, as far as how well a protein powder can mix into your water or smoothies. Often, it takes trying out a few different types of vegan protein powders to figure out which one you prefer, taste-wise.

Aside from personal preference and your health, the price may play a big role in your decision-making process. Although most vegan protein powders fall around the same price ranges, there is still a difference. So, make sure to stay within your budget. There is no need to pay more money. More expensive does not always mean it’s the best. All of the above protein powders appear to be excellent choices.

Lastly, with finally deciding, all the protein powders we’ve discussed today have great reviews. They boast good flavors, great textures, health benefits, and energy enhancing nutrients. Pick the one that stands out to you and then see if you feel great after using it. Again, it is good to try a few different kinds out, until you determine which one you like the best, based on your increased energy level, and how you feel overall. Once you find the one that is absolutely best for you, stick with it.

Do you have a vegan protein powder you absolutely love and recommend? Or perhaps you have made a homemade protein powder yourself? Tell us about your favorite protein powder and why you like it in the comments below.